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Navigation and Key Pages
Navigation and Key Pages

Here you will find details on RaveCapture's new navigation and how to find critical areas of the platform.

Updated this week


On June 3rd, 2024 we will be finally pushing a new UI & UX of RaveCapture that will bring a fresh look and nice way-finding to your experience. Our goal is to help you spend less time finding the most critical parts of our platform so you can get busy engaging with customers and sharing those stories to grow your business.


The top navigation will provide key resources and wayfinding for some of the most essential elements in your account. Including:

  • Credits - this includes Available, Pending & Delayed emails and SMS messages

  • Notifications - key notifications regarding account status

  • Settings & Integrations - go to your account settings and integration pages

  • Help - find the support library here

  • Profile Settings - switch between all of your accounts, go to your company page and log out.

Left Side Navigation

The main update simplifies RaveCapture's left side navigation into seven key waypoints to take you further into the app. These include:

Below we will highlight each of these sections and the sub-pages connected to them.


The dashboard is the best place to see a snapshot of your daily, weekly and monthly stats include the ones below.

  • Review Requests Sent

  • Reviews Collected

  • Photos & Videos Captured

  • New Questions ready to be Answered

  • Response Rate & Averages

  • Overall Star Ratings

NOTE: At the top of the page is a toggle button to switch between Product & Company Review analytics. Be sure to note which dashboard version you are inspecting when looking through the analytics.


There are six in-app pages connected to this menu item. Each of the pages listed below are involved in some part of the survey & review request flow as you are collecting UGC, responses and reviews.

Email & Survey Campaigns

  • View and engage with all your campaigns in one place. Access the ability to create Experience Surveys, Custom In-Email Review Forms, Manual Invites, and Analytics as well popular automated & manual email campaigns for Product Review & Company Review Review in-emails easily. Learn more

To a send a direct request or review link for Product or Company reviews, click on the three dots to the right of either campaign row.

Thank you Page

  • Customers will be sent to your Thank you Page after submitting a review. Here they can find their coupon, review other products in their order and follow CTA's you have added. Learn more about this feature here.

Thank you Email

  • Send customers an email after they submit a review. Each action type will have a unique email message and includes a coupon for the customer if one is created for that given action. Learn more about this feature here.

Email Upsells

  • Promote up-to 3 products in customer emails to increase sales and overall traffic to your site. Learn more about this feature here.


  • Incentivize customers to leave reviews and visual content by offering a coupon. Learn more about this feature here.

SMS Settings

  • Customize all aspects of your SMS Reviews program. Learn more about our SMS capability here. SMS is only available for US phone numbers.

Review Management

To manage survey responses, UGC and reviews for the sake of publishing, distributing on Google Shopping and displaying on widgets this is the menu to go to. It includes the following pages:

Product Reviews

  • Manage your product reviews with features like Review Responses, Flagging, Switching Products and adding UGC. To learn more about how to use this feature click here.

NOTE: To import your reviews, you will find the Product Reviews Import and Company Reviews Import CTA's on the respective management/moderation pages, as seen above.

Company Reviews

  • Manage your company reviews with features like Review Responses, Flagging and adding UGC. Learn more about these features here.

Experience Surveys

  • Manage your survey responses by publishing, un-publishing, responding and flagging submissions. Learn more here.

UGC Studio

  • You will find all of the UGC (user-generated content) collected from review requests, Experience Collectors or through Instagram right here. Click here to learn more about this page.

Community Q&A

  • New questions and answers will appear here for you to publish, respond or flag. To enable or disable the Q&A go to the Review Widget settings. Learn more about this feature here.

Google Shopping Ads

  • Feed your latest product reviews automatically to Google Shopping to improve your ads performance. Learn more about this feature and feed requirements here.


This new (by name) section is reserved for in-app pages which contain certain assets like products and customer information:

Product Library

  • Here you will find all of the products added automatically and manually. New products are automatically added as well as updated (1) when a review request is created for a product that does not exist yet in the library and (2) when customers engage with elements on your product's page. Learn more here.

Customer Directory

  • This area allows you to see important information about customers who have placed orders and have been sent reviews.

Tag Management

  • Visual Tags & Categories are used when creating unique Visual Carousels and Galleries to display specific content. Customer Service tags are used to identify reviews that need attention from your moderation team. Learn more about this feature here.

Display Widgets

Click this menu item and you'll be dropped into a gallery of options to choose the widgets you can install on your website. There are four types of widgets:

  • Review and Survey Response Widgets

  • Reviews Carousels

  • Badges & Rating Banners

  • Visual Carousel's & Galleries

See the full list with details on each here.

Social Sharing

Four sub-pages live here that are all about social media! One of the most exciting functionalities for RaveCapture users is the Instagram Curation which is first among the four below.

Instagram Curation

There are two main reasons why this is one of the most exciting features we have to offer:

  1. My Posts

    • Seamlessly pull all your Instagram profile photos with captions and all into RaveCapture to display on a visual carousel.

  2. Hashtag Search

    • Have customers who use your hashtag to show themselves off using your product? Search those hashtags here and publish that content directly on your site for more social proof.

Post Scheduler

  • View all of your scheduled posts in this table. You can schedule photos to publish to your Facebook & Instagram pages in the UGC Studio.

Looking to connect your Instagram and Facebook pages? Click this page and go to Connections.

FaceBook Reviews Tab

  • Automatically push your latest reviews directly into a Tab on your Facebook business page. Facebook requires pages to have at least 2,000 likes to show tabs. Learn more about this feature here.

Facebook Widget

  • Display a Facebook Widget, showing off your latest posts. Learn more about this feature here.


Another change that may not be obvious is this new section where we moved two key pages inside of it.

Account Settings

  • Find all of your account information, billing details, internal email notifications, credit history and more here.


  • Connect your site & store to RaveCapture as well as your marketing tools like loyalty & rewards apps, email marketing and more.

Have a question or need support with your Campaigns? Contact our support team via our Live Chat or at

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