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Crop, stylize, and watermark photos

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In this article, discover the RaveCapture photo studio and its tools for editing and stylizing your user-generated images. The Photo Studio can be accessed from Product & Company Reviews or Experience Surveys from the Visual Moderation screen.

Why is Photo Studio Important?

Photo Studio is a great way to edit, stylize, and customize your visual content within RaveCapture for posting to social media or publishing in RaveCapture displays on your site.

How do I access Photo Studio?

Let's get started! To access the Photo Studio, from Product Reviews or Experience Surveys Visual Moderation, click the edit icon located under each photo.

What types of tools can be used to edit my photos?

Directly below each photo in Photo Studio are tools that can be used to rotate and crop your images.

Located in the right-hand menu within the Photo Studio you will find the following tools for editing and stylizing your photos:

  • Adjustments allow for basic retouching operations

  • Stylize-Add artistic effects to your photos.

  • Border-Add a border radius to your photo, including adjusting the color and size.

  • Text-Add customized text to your image, including adjusting the font type, color and position.

  • Watermark-Add a customized watermark to your image.

  • Social Networks-Select image size for social network. More information on posting to social media can be found here.

  • Export-Select your output format to download your photo.

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