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Discover how to display your customer photos from Instagram on your website

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Instagram Curation is part of our Visual Marketing feature suite.


Instagram is one of the largest hubs for user-generated content, and we're excited to now be connected to them. With our Instagram Curation features, you can discover new photos from your customers and pull in your own photos to display them nicely on your store pages.

With our additional visual features such as the Photo Carousel and Photo Gallery, you can display both your review + Instagram photos on all areas of your website. 

Accessing Instagram Curation

  1. Login to your RaveCapture account

  2. Click on the Social Sharing Tab

  3. Click on Instagram Curation

Note: You must first connect your Instagram Page to TrustSpot. For more information on establishing a connection, click here.

There are two functionalities you have access to which can connect to visual carousels or galleries to feature instagram photos on your store pages.

  1. My Posts

  2. Hashtag Search​

We'll cover both of these features below.

My Posts

The newest feature for our Instagram integration is also one of the simplest! Here's a quick explainer video to show you around.

Details on functionality:

Once your Instagram is connected (if not already), go to the My Posts tab and click on "Fetch Posts". Depending on the number of photos you have published on your Instagram business profile this could take up-to 30 minutes so check back in a bit.

The good news is, after that first 'fetch' the rest are done for you a few times a day. You can click on "Fetch Posts" again in case you just recently published a photo and don't see it there. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds in this case.

After photos are pulled in you can make a few actions:

  • Publish

  • Favorite

  • Tag Products - do this to make the published photo 'shoppable' on your visual carousel and gallery.

Once publishing or favoriting the post will be saved in your UGC studio so you can access at anytime to tag, download, etc.

Hashtag Search

RaveCapture allows you to search by hashtag only. Simply enter in the hashtag into the search bar, then click "Search".

It can take a little bit for the photos to populate, but once they do, all the photos matching your hashtag will appear in the search results area.

Each result will have the following information:

  • Instagram Photo 

  • Date Photo Uploaded

  • Photo Caption

  • Hashtags

Moderating Photos

Various interactions can be performed on the page including: 

  • Publish:   Publishes the photo to your account

  • Favorite:  Pushes the photo to the top of your review widget + gallery/carousel

  • Reject:  The photo is placed into the Rejected tab and is not published on your site

  • Tagged Products: This is where you can tag a product within your store to tie to the photo pulled from Instagram. When visitors click on a photo on your site, they will see a great-looking overlay with the product information, and encourage them to make a purchase. 

  • Hashtags:  Instagram-based photo tags that are pulled so you can see how they relate to the content. We pull a max of 10 hashtags per photo. 

Note: For photos to be published in your Photo Carousel / Gallery, at least 1 product must be tagged.

Content Tabs

Various tabs within the Instagram Curation feature help you better curate your content. 

  • New:  Search for new photos from this tab

  • Published:  All photos marked as published will be displayed here

  • Favorites:  All photos marked as your favorite will be displayed here. When a photo is marked as your favorite, it is displayed in front of all other photos on your review widget & and other visual marketing display tools.

  • Rejected:  All photos marked as rejected will go here. Rejected photos are ones that you no longer want to see in search results, whereas an unpublished photo is one you do not want to display on your site - that you previously had displayed there. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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