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Community Q&A

Allow visitors to ask product questions

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One of the best ways to start a conversation with prospective customers early on is with the Community Q&A feature. This feature allows prospective customers to ask a product question directly on your website. As the store owner, you can easily respond to their question and display the content on the website. 

The Q&A section now becomes more of a frequently asked questions area, helping even more customers see possible answers to their questions. 

  • Community QA is part of our Ultimate Plan. Please click here to view our current plans and associated pricing. 

Getting started with Community Q&A

To start using Q&A on your product pages, you will need to first enable the option and then customize the emails that are sent to customers. 

Enable Q&A:

  • Display Widgets > Review Display Widget > Product Q&A > Settings tab

  • Click "Enable - Product Q&A" 

  • Enter the name that should appear with your response (ex:  "Store Owner")

After you have enabled Q&A, you will now see a button above your product review widget called "Ask a Question". When a customer clicks on this, they need to enter their:  Question Text, Name, and Email Address. After doing so, we will send them an email to make sure their legitimate (not spam). 

The user who asked the question will need to click the "Verify" button in the email sent to them to verify their legitimacy, which by doing so will alert you (the store owner) of a new question on a product. 


We also have the ability to automate much of the Q&A functionality including auto-publish questions, answers and send to past buyers. You can view all of the automation on the settings tab by scrolling down (all of these options are disabled by default):  

  • Auto-publish questions - Once a customer verifies with the email we send to them, the question is then auto-published to your store. 

  • Auto-send questions - This allows you to send a question to a customer who ordered in the past 30 days, to help them answer for you. 

  • Auto-publish answers - If a past buyer receives a question and answers it, this setting will allow that answer to be auto-published. 

Understanding the "Community" aspect of Q&A

Unlike most Product Q&A systems, our system focuses on a community aspect - meaning past buyers can help answer questions that customers ask on your website. This allows you to not only re-engage customers who have ordered from you in the past but is also an effective marketing tool to increase the repurchase rate. 

When a prospective customer clicks "Ask a Question" on your product page, we send the question to a few people: 

  • 5 random customers are selected who purchased this time in the past 30 days

  • Store Owner & employees with permission are also emailed the question

We limit the question automation to 5 customers to prevent spam, and require 30 days to have passed so the customer has enough time to evaluate the product to write a qualified answer. 

To customize the appearance of the email templates sent to past buyers & the response email sent to the user who asked the question, you can go to: 

  • Product Reviews > General Settings > Product Q&A

  • Click Answer Request , to customize the email send to past buyers. 

  • Click Answer Response, to customize the email sent to the user who asked the question. 

Q&A Moderation

The Q&A moderation screen allows you to see all of the questions and answers within your account. From here you can respond to questions, unpublish questions, approve answers from past buyers, and more. 

To access this screen, go to: 

  • Product Reviews > Q&A Moderation

There are three tabs on this page that contain different types of content. Below is an overview of these tabs: 


  • Published - all questions published to your website

  • Pending Review - all questions that are unpublished that your team needs to review before they are published to your website. Click the "Answer" button to type your answer to these questions, then click Publish

  • Flagged - any questions that are inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam related are shown here. 


  • Pending Review - all answers that are unpublished that were provided by a Past Buyer OR from a user on your website. They need to be reviewed manually before being placed on your website. 

  • Flagged - any answers that are inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam related are shown here. 


Import your own Questions & Answers and the Q&A section now becomes more of a frequently asked questions area, helping even more customers see possible answers to their questions. Download our sample file to import the questions & answers for each of your products. You can also upload FAQ’s to display on our new FAQ Widget.

Product FAQ Widget

The new FAQ Widget allows you to display your Q&A in a separate widget on your site. To add or remove questions from the FAQ Widget, simply use the button located under your questions. More information on the Product FAQ Widget can be found here.

Have a question or need support in getting started with Community Q&A? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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