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Learn how to group products to display aggregate reviews

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Product Groups allow you to create groups of similar products and aggregate reviews between all of the products in that group. 

The most common use case for this feature is if you're offering the same product in multiple sizes or colors and want to ensure all reviews are shown under each other, versus separating out a few reviews on each one. 

Another common use case that we hear, is if a new product is launching and you already sell similar products with reviews. Now with Product Groups, you can pool all of these reviews together by adding those similar products to the same group. 

Accessing Product Groups

  1. Login to your RaveCapture account

  2. Click on the Product Reviews Tab

  3. Click on Products

  4. Click on the Product Groups Tab at the top

Creating a Product Group

Once you've clicked on the Create Group button you'll now be given the chance to create your product group. 

Within the settings area, you have a few items to edit:

  • Group Name   (ex:  Kids Sunglasses)

  • Product Selection

Within the Product Selection area, you now can search for products to add to this group. You can search for the product name, or the SKU/ID. 

Once you've found a product you want to add to the group, just click the "Add" button, and now the product is a part of the group. To remove a product, just click the "x" button to the right of the product name under the Selected Products area. 

After you're happy with your selections, click Save.  Now the product group is live. 

Product Groups Visibility 

Once you've created a product group, the aggregate reviews/ratings are displayed in the following areas:

  • Product Page Review Widget

  • Product Page Star Rating

  • Featured Products

  • Rich Snippets

Best Practices

1. We highly recommend only grouping similar products so the review content makes sense to the reader. 

Example: If you group 2 unrelated products (Coffee Mug) and (Sunglasses), it would be confusing for a site visitor to read a review that says "This mug was great for my Starbucks coffee" and see that review under a Sunglasses product. 

2. Product Groups are limited to 75 products. If you need more, please contact our support team. 

3. If you need to deactivate a group temporarily, the easiest thing is to just Edit the Group and remove the affected products. Or if you need a more permanent solution, you can click on Edit and Delete the group. Once you delete a group, the reviews are no longer held together and go back to being separated. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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