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Learn how your products are updated within RaveCapture and used for your marketing features

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The Products screen is a way for you to keep a better handle on product information that flows into RaveCapture whenever a user interacts with your website. The Products screen is not only meant to show you the information that exists within RaveCapture, but also allows you to perform additional tasks such as tagging, grouping, editing, and blacklisting. 

This article serves as an overview of what the product screen is for and the basic types of interactions you can perform. 

Accessing the Products Screen

  1. Login to your RaveCapture account

  2. Click on the Product Reviews Tab

  3. Click on Products under Directories

How are Products added to RaveCapture?

Once you install the RaveCapture review widget to your store, either by using one of our eCommerce Plugins or via an API, product information is automatically added to RaveCapture whenever an order occurs in your store. This process allows us to always have the most up-to-date information and to ensure customers are sent the right information for the product. 

Manually Add Products

Since products are automatically added to RaveCapture upon order completion, you will typically not need to Add Products manually to the system. This feature is typically used for new product page testing (development purposes) OR for adding a new product to use for your Bulk Invite Customers area. 

Manually Update Products

Similarly, the "Select > Edit" function is commonly used for the two examples provided above, since product information is synced automatically or for adding GTIN and MPN values to products (used as additional product identifiers for the Google Shopping review feed).

Bulk Adding/Updating Products

Products can be added or updated in bulk with a CSV file. Common use cases are:

  • Adding GTIN and MPN values to your product library for the Google Shopping review feed.

  • Bulk Invite campaigns.

Bulk updates are processed by our support team. Please contact our team for assistance bulk adding and updating products or for a sample template at Please note that commas cannot be included in product names on the CSV file.

Beyond the actions shown here, we also have several others including: 

Product Library Export

An export of your product library can be downloaded for review by clicking on your name in the upper right of the dashboard and selecting Account Settings>Export Data.

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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