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Product Blacklist

Learn how to prevent certain products from receiving product review requests

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Prevent selected products from receiving review requests. Sometimes you may not want to generate reviews for a particular product, and we understand that. 

What does it mean to Blacklist a product?

Blacklisting a product means:

  • Review request emails are not sent for that product.

  • Product pages for those blacklisted products will not display in the review widget.

  • Blacklisted products are not displayed in Featured Products, Google Shopping Feed, or Social Sharing.

  • Blacklisted products cannot be selected for the Product Review Carousel, or tagged with our Instagram Curation feature.

Common situations where this maybe useful: 

  • Free Product

  • Samples

  • Out of Stock Product

  • Pre-Orders

  • Custom Built (outside normal delivery cycle for other items)

Accessing the Product Blacklist

The Product Blacklist can be managed from within your TrustSpot product library. To access the library, click on Product Reviews>Products.

Products can be blacklisted using two methods:

1. Product ID

To add products to your blacklist by product ID, click the first tab "View Products". Easily bulk add products to the blacklist by simply checking the box to the left of the products you want to add to your list and click the "add to blacklist" button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Word or Phrase

To add products to your blacklist by word or phrase, click the "Blacklist Words" tab. From here you can enter a word or phrase contained in a product name to add to your list.

Managing Your Product Blacklist

  • From the "Product Blacklist" tab in your product library, you can view all products that have been added to the blacklist.

  • Products can be removed from the blacklist individually or in bulk. To delete a single product from the list, click the red "remove from blacklist" button located to the right of the product.

  • To bulk delete products from the list, select the boxes next to the product you want to remove and click the blue "remove from blacklist" button.

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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