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Product Reviews Moderation
Product Reviews Moderation

Learn how to interact with your product reviews

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This guide will walk you through how to manage reviews and interact with your customers.

Here are the following items indicated in this guide: 

  • Moderation Tabs

  • Searching & Filtering

  • Review Details

  • Responding to Reviews

  • Share to Social Media

  • Add Photo/Video

  • Switch Products

  • Tagging

  • Report a Review

  • Bulk Actions

Moderation Tabs

When you first enter the Product Reviews Moderation page, you are greeted with several tabs at the top of the screen. Each tab contains different types of content. 

a. Published - This contains all of the live reviews.
b. Unpublished - This contains all reviews awaiting your moderation.
c. Reported - This contains all reviews that have been reported to RaveCapture.
d. Review Requests - This contains all review requests that are either pending or have been previously sent 

e. Moderation Settings - Automation options for reviews can be found within this tab

Next to the tab name is a # in parenthesis, which is the number of entries in each tab. 

Moderation Settings

Automation options can be found within the Moderation Settings tab including:

  • Auto-publish reviews

  • Auto-publish visual uploads

  • Profanity Filter

  • Convert Customer Name to First Initial

  • Flagged Keywords - Words added here will "report" a review containing the word and do not need to be an exact match. For example, the keyword "test" will report a review that contains "testing"

Searching & Filtering

Within the Published Tab, you will have the ability to search and filter content easily. 

You can search by the following terms:

  • Customer Name

  • Email Address 

  • Order #

  • Product Name

  • SKU

  • Tags

  • Review Text

You can filter by the following options:

  • Star Rating (1-5) 

  • Date Range

  • Review Response

  • Review Source

  • Photos

  • Custom Answers  (via Custom Review Forms)

  • Tags

Our system also allows multiple items to be selected at once, making it easier for complex searches. For example, you can search for all reviews using the word "great colors", which also wrote you a 5-star review and have photos. 

Review Details

When new reviews come into your account they will always be shown at the top since our page is sorted by newest date first. 

The review page has three types of content areas:

  • Review Content

  • Customer Content

  • Social Sharing

In the Customer Content area on the left, you will notice a few items:

  • Customer Name

  • Date

  • Reviewer's Location (if available)

  • Email Address

  • Order Number

  • Source of the Review

In the Review Content area in the center, you will notice a few items:

  • Star Rating

  • Review Title

  • Review Text

  • Product Name (links to the product) and Product ID

  • Photos (if available)

  • Report Review

  • Respond To Review

  • Visual Reminder

  • Actions

Social Sharing icons can be found in the right column next to each review and include:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

More information about sharing reviews on social media can be found here.

Responding to Reviews

When a customer writes a review for your business (good or bad) it's always nice to follow up with a personalized message. Responding benefits the customer, because it shows them you care, and appreciate them for utilizing your company. It also benefits prospective buyers on your site, showing your great customer service in action. 

We support two types of responses:

  • Public

  • Private

The difference is that public responses are shown on your website & emailed to the customer, while private responses are only emailed to the customer. 

One additional benefit is the ability for customers to change their review content after you've responded to them. In the above image, the customer was upset and a response was sent to her. When the customer receives your response, they will have the ability to update their review stars & review content. 

Be sure to check out our in-depth guide on Responding to Customers

Reporting Reviews

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to report a review to RaveCapture. When a review is reported, the following process occurs:

  • Review is moved into the "Reported" Tab in the moderation area

  • Review is hidden from your site

  • Our Moderation Team begins to review the issue

If the review does indeed meet the requirements for being reported, it will remain flagged. However, if the team has questions, we will follow up within 14 days.

When reporting a review select one of the following reasons and provide a short explanation:

  • Spam

  • Inappropriate

  • Irrelevant

  • Google Shopping

  • Test Review

More information on reporting reviews can be found in our guide here.

Visual Reminder

The Visual Reminder button is located under each review. When clicked, an email will be sent to your customer asking them to upload visual content to their review. A direct link can also be copied "Visual Upload Link" can also be copied from the popup window to be sent directly to your customer.


The Actions button is located in the lower right-hand corner of each review content area. When selected, several actions can be performed including:

  • Publish As Company Review

  • Publish All Visuals

  • Upload Photo/Video

  • Hide Full Name

  • Hide Last Name

  • Switch Product

  • Add Customer Service Tag

Switch Products

This feature is to assist you in moving reviews from one product to another, in the event that the customer accidentally posts a review under the wrong product.

Example:   Customer buys 5 pairs of shoes, and writes "These are great for the beach", on a pair of Snow Boots. You can use the Switch Product feature to move this review from the Snow Boots to the pair of Sandals. 

To switch a product:

  • Click Actions > Switch Product

  • Type in the name of the product

  • Select the product > Click Switch

The review is now moved to that specific product. 

The Review Widget on your product page will be updated within a few hours. 

Customer Service Tag

Our tagging feature is a great way to let customer service teams keep track of reviews. For example, let's say you would like to notify other team members that a review needs a response. 

To do this you would click on: 

  • Actions > Add Tag

  • Type in the name of the tag "ex: needs review" or select an existing tag

  • Click Save

In this example, the above review was tagged with "Needs Review". Now if another user searches for the tag "Needs Review", then all reviews with that tag will be displayed in search results. 

Bulk Actions

If you need to perform the same action on many reviews at once, our bulk actions will save you considerable time. We currently support the following bulk actions:

  • Publish as Company Review

  • Report

  • Hide Last Name

  • Hide Full Name

  • Publish All Visuals

  • Switch Product

  • Visual Reminder

To use a bulk action you simply need to have at least 1 review checked on the left. Then click on "Actions" at the top and select the action. Once you confirm the action, all reviews will be updated instantly. 

Have a question or need support with review moderation? 

Please get in touch with our support team via our live chat or at

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