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Learn how to promote other products within your emails

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The Email Upsells feature is available starting on our Advance Plan.


Engaging with your customers outside of reviews is a great way to incentivize them to want to come back and make additional purchases with your stores. We accomplish this with coupons and social media, but one other area we help with is Email Upsells. 

Email Upsells allow you to promote up to 3 products at the bottom of your customer emails. You can use this opportunity to promote your best sellers or even custom-selected products, which is especially helpful during sales or holidays. 

Accessing Email Upsells

  1. Login to your RaveCapture account

  2. Click on Product Reviews

  3. Campaigns>Email Upsells

Initial Settings

When you first open the page, you will see the initial settings that must be configured before you can select your products.  

The first step is to enable the feature by clicking the checkbox at the top. 

Next, you can customize the title that will appear above the email upsell area, such as this example:

  • Title Color:   This is the color of the text "Items you may like"

  • Title Alignment:  Define how the title is shown (left, center, right)

  • Frame Color:  This is the color around the product images 

  • Currency:  Select your store currency to show these products under

  • Price:  Enable to display the product's price  (optional)

  • Reviews:   Enable to display the product's reviews (optional)

Product Selection

The next step is to pick which products you would like to show in your email area. We currently support a few options:

  • Best Selling

  • Most Reviewed 

  • Least Reviewed 

  • Custom

The best part here is that our system dynamically updates your product selections over time. This means as new orders or reviews come into your store, RaveCapture will automatically update the product content at the bottom of your emails. 

For example: Let's say Product A is your current best seller, but over time Product B starts to sell more and soon becomes your #1 best seller. RaveCapture will then place Product B into your upsell area automatically.

If you select custom, you can select the exact product you'd like to show.

Email Display

The final step is to select where you would like to show your upsell area. We recommend having all emails enabled to maximize the possibility of a customer seeing your products and clicking on them to view your store. 

However, you have complete control over which emails you'd ultimately like to show them. 

There are a few options: 

  • Company Review Request

  • Product Review Request

  • Product Question:    This is sent to past buyers to answer a question from a customer.

  • Product Answer:    This is sent to customers when their question has been answered.

  • Review Response:   When you click to respond to a customer, they will receive an email with the upsell area. 

  • Thank You Email:    This is sent to all customers after they leave a review for your business. 

Once you select everything, click the Save button and you're all set! 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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