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Promoted Product Carousel

Learn how to promote your best selling products with reviews

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The Promoted Product Carousel is a great way to show off your best-selling products, or the most reviewed products in a slick carousel that can be placed anywhere on your site. 

The Product Carousel is dynamically updated as content changes, so the most up-to-date information is always being shown to customers. 


To start using the Promoted Product Carousel, go to: 

  • Click the Trust Elements menu 

  • Click "Promoted Product Carousel" at the bottom 

1. The 1st step is to figure out the type of content you wish to show on the product carousel. We offer a few options, such as: 

  • Most Reviewed

  • Best Selling 

  • Manual 

The Manual option allows you to pick and choose the exact products you want to display on the carousel, similar to our "Featured Products" trust element. 

2. The 2nd step is to update the layout & design of the carousel. We wanted to ensure you have complete customization of the look & feel of your carousel. You can customize: 

  • Layout Title (above the carousel)

  • Title Font Size

  • Font Type

  • Star Type

  • Star Color

  • Title Text color

  • Transparent background. 

Once you're happy with all changes click "Save Settings", at the bottom. 

Advanced Customization 

If you're comfortable working with CSS, and would like to customize additional items outside the controls above, please use our "CSS Editor" within your Product Review General Settings area. 

Site Display

Find the area of your website, where you would like to add the promoted product carousel, then copy & paste the below code into that spot: 

<div class="trustspot-promoted-product-carousel"></div>  

Make sure you have our JS Script in your Header before placing the carousel, to ensure it works. If you're already showing Product Reviews on your website, then you already have the JS Script added. 

Placement Recommendations

  • Above the Product Review Widget , on the Product Page

  • On the homepage below the main header image Or main product area

Have a question about the Promoted Product Carousel?

Please contact our support team via the Live Chat icon on the bottom right or at

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