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Discover how to display your product reviews in a carousel

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Introducing Our Two Distinct Styles:

Slim Fit & Block Style:

These rectangular, carousel designs seamlessly integrate into any part of your online store, ensuring aesthetic consistency while engaging your customers.

Where to Best Showcase the Carousel:

  • Position it strategically on Category & product pages, your homepage, or checkout pages to leverage the power of customer reviews at pivotal touchpoints.

Exclusive for Premium Merchants:

  • Our merchants on the Premium plan (or higher tiers) enjoy the privilege of crafting multiple product review carousels, each fine-tuned with unique display logic.

Mastering the Display Logic:

Most Recent:

  • Bask in the freshness of your latest accolades! Present the most recent product reviews, set the quantity (starting with 10 by default), and even filter them based on their star rating.

Manual Selection:

  • Want to spotlight specific reviews? Use the manual option to handpick reviews that resonate most with your brand narrative.

Dynamic Display (New!):

  • Elevate user experience with targeted reviews. Choose from:

  • Specific Product:

    • Ideal for individual product pages, this will exclusively showcase reviews of the displayed product.

  • Product Tags:

    • Harness this for special occasions, like a new product launch or a limited-time promotion. Craft tags within the Product Library in RaveCapture, and embellish products with them.

  • Product Group:

    • Tailor-made for category pages, this taps into the Product Groups you've created, offering a curated collection of reviews for products within that group.

Dive Deeper into Dynamic Display Limitations:

Specific Product Limitation:

  • Ensure that the carousel on a product page sings praises only for that particular product.

Product Tags Limitation:

  • Perfect for campaigns or promotions, tags can be crafted within the Product Library.

Product Group Limitation:

  • Leverage your pre-defined Product Groups to populate the carousel on category pages with pertinent reviews.

Advanced Display Options:

  • Flaunt the average rating and the total count of your product reviews.

  • Personalize with a captivating title on the carousel.

  • Navigate your visitors with a link, guiding them to pore over more reviews. If linked to a specific product, use the #trustspot-widget-wrapper to direct visitors to the product review widget, immersing them in other reviews for that product.

  • Engage with the auto-scrolling feature, offering hands-free navigation through the reviews.

Implementation & Support:

After fine-tuning your carousel, remember to hit "Save Settings".

You'll then be presented with the "Product Carousel Code". Embed this on your desired webpage to make the carousel live.

Note: Ensure the Core Javascript Library is already integrated on your website for seamless functionality.

For any assistance or queries, our dedicated support team is just a click away - reach out through live chat or at

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