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The Thank You Email is a great way to follow up with a coupon or a thank you after a review is submitted

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The Thank You Email can be used to send coupons or a message of thanks to customers who complete reviews.

If the Thank You Email is enabled, it will be sent after a customer leaves a review and will include any coupons you have set up against the relevant review actions.

Plus, customize the Thank You email per collector for Experience Survey submissions.

Thank You Emails with Coupons

This guide will walk you through creating Coupons.

Customize Thank You emails by clicking Product Reviews from the left sidebar then Campaigns>Thank You Email.

1. Enable the Thank You email. Thank You emails will only be sent when enabled.

2. Customize the content of the Thank You email including when the Thank You email is sent by selecting from the Layout Type and Only Send for dropdowns.

Customize the subject line, body, and signature, and send email delay of the Thank You email.

Email Customization

At the top of your email body, you will notice a toolbar that can be used to edit the rich text using a series of buttons. Rich text editing tools include:

  • Style

  • Bold

  • Underline

  • Remove Font Style

  • Ordered List

  • Unordered List

RaveCapture generates what your customers will see in their inbox on the right.

The Thank You email is sent automatically to the customer after they complete a coupon event (minus viewing the profile page).

3. Use the Call to Action button to direct customers back to your store or to leave a review on another site.

Thank You Emails per Product (Experience Surveys)

1. Enable the Thank You email. Thank You emails will only be sent when enabled.

2. Select Complete an Experience Survey from the Layout Type dropdown to send the Thank You email following an Experience Survey submission.

3. Select the collector from the dropdown menu. If "all" is selected, the email will be sent for all collector submissions.

4. Use the Call Action button to direct customers back to your store.

Thank You Emails without Coupons

If you'd simply like to use the Thank You Email to send a message of thanks, Enable the emails and edit the Layout Types with your thank you message.

If you'd like to ask customers to take an additional action e.g. review you on Facebook or review you on Google, you can also use the email to make that request and use the Shop Now button settings to link to the page you're seeking additional reviews on. Edit the button text to indicate where it will link.

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