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Review and Survey Campaign Management
Review and Survey Campaign Management

Learn how to navigate and manage your review request email and SMS campaigns

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All review request campaigns can now easily be managed from one convenient page within your TrustSpot account. Select the Campaigns from the left menu > Email & Survey Campaigns to view, configure, and edit your review request campaigns.

My Campaigns

On the My Campaigns page are two tabs:

  1. Campaigns

  2. Analytics


Default Review Campaigns

When an order is fulfilled, a Product Review or Company Review request will automatically be sent to your customers according to your configured settings.

The following settings apply to the Default Review Campaigns Panel

Currently Sending

These settings allow you to choose which types of automated review requests are sent to customers, for example:

  • Choose to send both a Product & Company Review request to customers

  • Customize review request ratio

    • Send X% of customers a Product Review request

    • Send X% of customers a Company Review request

Types of Default (or Global) Campaigns

There are two main types of Default/Global campaigns. Meaning, they are campaigns not specifically sent for certain products, like Product-Specific Forms or certain customers like with Experience Surveys. For example:

  • Product Review Request - an In-Email form for customers to review specific products

  • Company Review Request - an In-Email form for customers to share reviews on your company

To edit each campaign, simply click on the three dots on the right side of the campaign(s) row and click "Edit".

Default Review Campaign settings

When on a campaigns editor page, you'll have several settings available to customize:

  • Email templates

  • Enable Smart Reminder emails (up to 3 reminders)

  • Specify the number of days to wait to send the review request after the order is fulfilled (Send Delay)

  • Configure email requests more than one product is included in the customer's order (Multiple Products)

Other Campaign Actions for Product & Company Review campaigns

  • Manage Reviews - takes you to the respective Review Management dashboard

  • Direct Request - allows you to send a single request to a customer

  • Direct Link - copy & send a review form link to a customer outside of TrustSpot

NOTE: When customizing your send ratio, each campaign type will have one of two types of status - "Inactive" or "Active". This status label is also updated when creating & enabling an Experience Survey to send as a Product or Company Review Request.

Bulk Invite History

Bulk invites allow you to upload a list of customers to send Company and Product review requests. You can view your past Bulk Invites or upload a new file to manually send out Company or Product review requests.

To Send new Bulk Invite

Click the "Add New" button at the top right of the table and choose which invite you'd like to send:

  • Bulk Product Invite

  • Bulk Company Invite

Bulk Invite Table Details & Actions

The Bulk Invite History table provides information about the past campaigns you've sent, number of customers who received that invite, and more:

  • Campaign Name - a fixed value representing a Product or Company Bulk Invite.

  • Type - if you uploaded an Email or SMS invite.

  • Total Customers - the number of customers in your file you tried to send an invite.

  • Requests Created - the number of customers who actually received your invite.

  • Date Uploaded

  • Status - showing whether your upload is Complete (sent to customers), Pending and Denied.

  • Download - giving you the ability to re-download the list of customers you uploaded previously.

Product Specific Forms

Create product-specific in-email forms with custom questions like NPS, Multiple Choice, Fit Ratings, and more. All product-specific campaigns (active & inactive) can be viewed in one convenient location. Use the arrow buttons to sort by Campaign Name or Date Added.

Product Specific Forms are available beginning on our Advanced Plan.

Product-Specific Forms Table Details & Actions

  • Campaign Name

  • Date Added

  • Product Tags Associated with the Campaign. Clicking on the Product Tags will open a popup for you to view all tags associated with the campaign.

  • Active/Inactive toggle button

  • Hamburger menu to the right of each Campaign allows you to Edit, Delete, or Navigate to Review Management for Product Reviews

NOTE: By deactivating or deleting a Product-Specific Form (campaign) any products connected to that campaign via the product tag(s) will begin to use the Product Review Request Global campaign template for its requests.

Experience Surveys

Create unique surveys to collect product & company reviews, send survey follow-ups to customers who submit reviews & send surveys in addition to your review request campaigns.

Experience Surveys are available on Enterprise

Experience Survey Table Details & Actions

From the Experience Survey panel, you can manage all active/inactive surveys, edit surveys, send out manual requests, or create a new survey. The Experience Survey area contains:

  • Campaign Name

  • Survey Type

  • Date Added

  • Product Tags - click on the product tags to see all tags connected to the survey campaign.

  • Send Delay (for automated requests)

  • Active/Inactive toggle

Use the hamburger menu to the far right to:

  • Edit--Customize all aspects of your experience survey including general settings, design, and emails

  • Manage Responses - goes to Review Management > Experience Surveys > Filtered by Survey responses

  • Send a Bulk Invite

  • Send a Direct Request

  • Duplicate the Survey

  • Copy the Direct Link to the Survey

Types of Surveys

There are four main types of surveys indicated by the tags under "Survey Type" column:

Company & Product Types

  • These survey types use the "Instead of Company Review" & "Instead of Product Review" trigger found in your survey email settings. If enabled, your survey will override the Default Review Request campaign, send them 'Instead' when a Company or Product Review request is initiated

Product Specific

  • Creating this type allows you to send a survey for specific products (similar to the Product-Specific Forms) that are associated with your chosen Product Tags

Company Follow-up & Product Follow-up

  • Follow-up surveys are sent only when a review is submitted (either a Company or Product review) and can also be sent for all products or those bound to chosen product tags.

Additional Company & Additional Product

  • Similar to the Follow up survey type, Additional surveys are sent in correspondence to a Company or Product (review or survey) request is sent, allowing you to engage with customers at multiple points in their journey.


  • The General survey type is a survey with no automated trigger but does allow you to use a direct link to send the survey to any customers at any time.

More information on Experience Surveys can be found here.


All Campaign Analytics can be viewed in the Analytics Tab including:

  • Email

  • Photos (available beginning on the Advanced Plan)

  • Videos (available beginning on the Advanced Plan)

  • Maps

Have a question or need support with your Campaigns? Contact our support team via our Live Chat or at

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