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SMS Review Requests

Learn how to use our new SMS feature to send review requests via text message

Updated over a week ago

Currently, SMS Review Requests are only available for manual sends and US-based customers. Automation for SMS sends and international expansion are both planned for the near future, stay tuned!


SMS requests can be sent to customers to collect Product Reviews, Company Reviews, or Experience Surveys.

There are 2 ways to send SMS requests manually:

  • Bulk Invite - a bulk request

  • Direct Request - a single request


SMS requests require unique credits to be purchased prior to sending. Each credit is valid for one SMS send and they can be purchased through SMS Settings > Credits, which is included in the Company Review, Product Review, and Experience Surveys menus.

Credits are sold in the following blocks, and the purchase is set to auto-refill credits at the low threshold noted on each block.

If you'd like to purchase credits for one-time use, simply email or use our live chat and let us know you would like to cancel the auto-refill once you've completed your initial purchase.


On the SMS Campaign Editor > Content tab you can set the content for each type of request in one place. You can toggle the template setting between Product Review, Company Review, and Experience Survey and edit the templates for any type of request you plan to send.

Content for SMS is limited to 160 characters max and the character count will keep track of the total characters in the current content.

Our dynamic tags have all been adjusted for this feature to be compatible with a character limit:

  • {customer} - we will use only the customer's first name

  • {company-nickname} - we will use your account name by default, but we allow you to edit this in case you would like to save characters by shortening your name

  • {review-link} - this is required in each request, we created a short version for SMS

  • {product} - this is optional but a control is in place to amend product names to 35 characters max

You can send yourself a test SMS but keep in mind that will not carry a functional link, it is simply a way to test the way your content will appear. To send a true test with a functional link, send yourself a Direct Request.

Review Form Customization

On the SMS Settings Page > Review Form Customization tab you can set the content for the form the customers will use to submit Product Reviews or Company Reviews via SMS.

NOTE: Make sure to enable the option for customers to leave an e-mail address on the form if you issue Coupons. Coupons are sent via our Thank You Email so we need the e-mail address to issue a coupon.

​Sending SMS review requests

Within the system you'd like to send requests from, Company Reviews, Product Reviews, or Experience Surveys, click Request Reviews.

On either Bulk Invite or Direct Request, toggle the Request Type to SMS. You can double-check your Content settings here and make any adjustments needed.

For Direct Requests, you simply enter the information for the individual request and click Send.

For Bulk Invites, you will need to complete a file upload using the templates linked from the Bulk Invite page. Each file is limited to 1000 rows, so you can process multiple files if needed. All files will be reviewed by our team to confirm formatting and then will send once approved.

NOTE: Bulk Invite SMS requests for Product Reviews & Experience Surveys

If you are sending SMS requests for Product Reviews or Experience Surveys (with a product assigned), you'll need to ensure the SKU values used on your file align with the SKU we recognize in our system.
This varies by platform so make sure to confirm you are using the correct value by accessing your Product Library in Product Reviews > Products if you are unsure which values to use.

The products on your request files MUST exist in Trustspot before we send out the requests.

Have a question or need support on SMS review requests?

Please contact our support team at or via live chat.


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