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Custom Review Forms for Product Reviews
Custom Review Forms for Product Reviews

Learn how to ask custom questions during the review process

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Custom Review Forms (Custom Product Questions) are a great way to ask detailed questions during the review process to gather unique and personalized reviews from your customers. These detailed answers can also help prospective shoppers on your site because they will give them a better understanding of what post-buyers experienced with it. 

For example:  If you're a clothing company, you can ask customers "How well did X item fit you?". 

The answers gathered from that custom question can help you make improvements to the existing product, and provide shoppers with a better understanding when making their purchase.

There are several steps below to start utilizing Custom Review Forms.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Custom Forms

  2. Question Types: Company, Customer

  3. Answer Types: Single choice, Multiple choice, Fit, Rating, Product NPS®

1. Default Custom Form

Every account includes a Default Custom Form. The default form is included on Product Review requests where there is no Custom Form with a matching product tag.

The Default Custom Form is empty to start. You can edit the Default Form by clicking Edit on the Custom Review Forms page.

2. Product-Specific Form

A tag is a text associated with a product in the system. Adding a tag to a product tells RaveCapture to apply this Custom Review Form to review requests for only the products with this tag. 

Only 1 tag can be assigned to a Product at any one time. 

To add a tag to an existing product, follow the below steps:

  • Click Product Reviews

  • Click Products

  • Click the Product Tags tab

  • Click the blue "Add Tag" button

From the Product Tags tab you can do the following:

  • Create a new tag to assign to products

  • Edit a tag you've already created in the past. Select "edit" to add or remove products from the tag

Getting Started with Custom Review Forms

To start using Custom Review Forms, go to Product Reviews > Campaigns>Custom Product Questions

This will place you into the Custom Review Forms starting area. You can edit your Default Form here (and change its name if desired) or you can create new product tag-based forms by applying the following:

  1. Form Name - this is an internal name for the form, your customers do not see this.

  2. Product Tags - assign tags that were previously created above. All products that have the tag applied to them will use this custom review form. 

  3. Email Customization - if you'd like to customize the body text of a review request containing a custom form, you can place customized email text in this field. Customized text will override the default text you've placed in your Product Reviews > Automatic Email Settings

Email Customization:

At the top of your email body, you will notice a toolbar that can be used to edit the rich text using a series of buttons. Rich text editing tools include:

  • Style

  • Bold

  • Underline

  • Remove Font Style

  • Color Selector (background and text)

  • Ordered List

  • Unordered List

  • Link Insert

  • Picture Insert

Once the above is complete, click "Add Question" to add your first question to the form. 

Question Types

There are two types of questions: 

  1. Customer - these are questions about the reviewer, such as their age, gender, shoe size, etc. 

  2. Product - these are questions about the product they purchased, such as the Fit, taste, or durability of the item. 

You also have the option if a question is Mandatory or not. If the mandatory checkbox is selected, then the customer will have to answer this question to submit the review. 

Answer Types

Along with the above question types, several types of answers can be selected. Answers control the type of content being submitted into the form. We currently support:

1. Single Choice - these are radio button answers, where only 1 choice can be selected.  

2. Multiple Choice - these are checkbox button answers, where multiple choices can be selected. 

3. Rating (1-5) - this answer type allows you to ask the customer to give a rating from 1 bar (lowest) to 5 bars (highest). 

4. Fit - this answer type is exclusively for asking a customer how well something fits them, such as a new Shirt, Pants, or Shoes. The customer will have 3 options to choose from (small, true to size, big). 

5. Free Text - this answer type is a text box, allowing the customer to enter a detailed response to your question. 

6. Product Net Promoter Score® - this answer type asks the likely hood a customer will share your products with their friends or colleagues. The question is customizable.

After you've added a few custom questions to your review form, click the "Save Form" button at the bottom. This form will now be Live and is ready for immediate use. 

Design Customization

For all of the answer types above, you can fully customize the: 

  • Display Title - this displays above the question area (ex: Age).

  • Question Text - this is the question being asked to the user (ex: How old are you?)

  • Guidelines Text - this is an optional area for the Free Text answer, allowing you to provide additional text to help the customer such as example text. 

  • Bar Colors - for the rating & fit answers, you can control the empty and full bar colors.

Editing Existing Forms

All saved forms are displayed within the "Existing Forms" tab at the top of the page. From here you have a few actions: 

  • Search for a form by the Form Title or Tags associated with it

  • Edit an existing form, by clicking the pencil icon on the right

  • Delete an existing form, by clicking the X icon on the right

If you choose to Delete a Custom Form, the standard Review Request will begin sending for the products associated with that custom form. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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