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Moving to a new eCommerce Platform [Re-Sku]
Moving to a new eCommerce Platform [Re-Sku]

Learn how to update your products to ensure reviews display on new eCommerce platform

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This guide is meant to help merchants who are migrating to a different eCommerce platform and want to ensure their reviews show correctly on the new site. 

Important:  Do NOT install the RaveCapture app to your new platform, until the Re-SKU process is completed. 


Every product review in your account is tied to a unique internal SKU / ID found on the product page of your current eCommerce platform. 

When you switch systems, this internal SKU / ID will change. This is why updating the SKU / ID prior will help to ensure the product reviews display properly on your new site. 

The following steps will outline what needs to be completed to ensure this process is smooth. If all steps are followed correctly, the downtime for product reviews on your new site will be minimal. 

Step 1:  Create Re-SKU document (CSV)

To get started, you will need to create a CSV file with 2 columns: 

  • Current SKU 

  • New SKU 

You can find all of your current SKUs under Product Reviews > Products.   This page has a listing of all the products in your RaveCapture account. You can export this list from your Data Export area, and then create a new column in that document called "New SKU". 

Below is a chart of what SKU / ID number (for the New SKU column) we will need depending on your new platform: 

  • Shopify / Shopify Plus:  Product ID

  • BigCommerce:  Product ID

  • Magento 1 / Magento 2:  Product SKU

  • WooCommerce:  POST ID

  • Volusion: Product Code

  • Neto: Product SKU

  • 3DCart: Product ID

Step 2: Uninstall RaveCapture App

This step is required to prevent new product listings from being pushed into your RaveCapture account, with the wrong product information. 

  • Uninstall the RaveCapture app on your current eCommerce platform

Step 3: Provide Re-SKU to the Support Team

Once Step 2 is completed, provide the Re-SKU file to our team via Live Chat or Email.

Our team will then process the file. You will be notified via Email once this process is completed. 

Step 4: Install the app to new store & re-add elements

Now that everything is transitioned over, you will need to install the RaveCapture app to your new store and re-add the review elements. 

If you need any help installing the app or re-adding the elements, please ask our support team for assistance. Likewise, we have support guides for all eCommerce platforms here:

Once this is completed, you're all done and ready to go. The reviews should be showing under the products on your new site. 

Have a question or need support with this process? 

Please get in touch with our support team via our live chat or at

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