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Discover how to display your Photos & Videos in a dedicated gallery

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The Visual Gallery is part of our Visual Marketing feature suite which is available starting on our Advanced Plan. 


Collecting customer photos & videos is a great way to show off your content to prospective site visitors. The Visual Gallery allows you to showcase all of your review photos & videos + Instagram curated content on a dedicated page on your site. 

RaveCapture makes it easy to create as many galleries as you want, with unique content settings & design. 

To start using the Visual Gallery: 

  • Click the Settings button from the left menu

  • Click Trust Elements

From the Trust Elements page, select Visual Gallery. You will now see the visual gallery settings area. 

The first step is to customize the name of the gallery. 

The name is an internal value that is not shown anywhere else, besides the settings page. Pick a name that either represents where the gallery will sit or the type of content, such as "Instagram Photos", so you can better find it in the future. 

The second step is to customize the type of content that will be displayed within the gallery. There are a few options: 

  • Content Type

  • Display Type

  • Include Instagram Photos

  • Limit gallery content to a specific product

a. Content Type

This tells the gallery what type of visual content to show, either: 

  • Photos & Videos

  • Photos Only

  • Videos Only

b. Display Type

There are two options available for the gallery: 

  • Limited # of Items - select how many visual items to show in the gallery

  • Infinite Scroll - users can keep scrolling and dynamically see more content.

c. Include Instagram Photos

If you're curating photos from Instagram, be sure to select this checkbox so those photos display in your gallery. 

d. Limit gallery content to a specific product

If you would like to place a gallery on your product pages and to only display Photos & Videos matching the product on the page, select this option. 

With these options, you can create as many galleries as you like. For example: 

  • Instagram Gallery with limited rows on your homepage

  • Product Specific Gallery for your product pages

  • All content with an infinite scroll on your dedicated Customer Experiences Gallery

The third step is to customize the design associated with your new gallery. To do this, click on the "Design" Tab.

RaveCapture offers many ways to customize how the content will appear in the gallery and also within the overlay that displays when a customer clicks on a Photo or Video. This is broken down into 3 main areas: 

  • Layout 

  • Call to Action

  • Colors

a. Layout

Customize the title that sits above the gallery, along with its font type, alignment, and font size.

b. Call to Action

When customers click on an item in the gallery, it will display an overlay. In this overlay, there is a "Buy Now" button, which links to your product page. 

Use these settings to customize the button text, along with the link.

c. Colors

This last section allows you to customize the Title color and Button color. 

  • The title means the text that sits above the gallery

  • Button meaning the "Buy Now" button in the overlay

Once you're done configuring everything, click on "Save & Generate Code" to complete the process. Once you click this button a few things will happen: 

  • The code to be placed on your website is generated and displayed below

  • The gallery settings are saved, under the internal name. You can access your gallery at any time for changes, by going to Existing Galleries 

Please contact our support team via the Live Chat icon on the bottom right. 

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