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Advanced Visual Capabilities

Learn how to display more immersive content to your customers

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This guide will help you to better understand all features associated with the Visual Carousel & Gallery from the Experience Survey system. 

The functionality detailed here is part of the Experience Survey system, which is available starting on our Enterprise Plan

Type of advanced visual capabilities

With the Experience Survey system combined with Visual Tags, the visual carousel & gallery now have more flexibility to create immersive experiences for your customers. 

These types of capabilities include: 

  • Limit display content based on visual tags

  • Display filters

  • Display sorting options

  • Display content only from a particular experience survey

  • Allow customers to submit experiences for a particular collector directly above

Visual Tags & Filters

Visual Tags are a concept currently available from the Experience Moderation or Visual Moderation page, which allows you to add a custom tag to a Photo or Video. By adding this tag, you can then build custom visual carousels or galleries only pulling in content with that tag. 

Example:    Let's say you tagged a few photos with the tag "Steak" because you want to build a custom visual gallery for your cooking website. All of your food tags, including "Steak" are associated with a category called "Food Type". 

Once Filters are enabled, IF a photo or video exists in your gallery matching that tag, then RaveCapture automatically shows the Category & Tags associated with it on your gallery. 

  • The Category in this example is "Food Type", and can be built from the Tag Management screen  (Experience Surveys > Tag Management). 

  • There are no limits to how many categories or tags you can display in 1 gallery. 

Note:  Filters & Sorting Options are only available for the Visual Gallery. 

Display content from an experience survey

One of the other nice features is the ability to only pull in content from a particular experience survey. This gives you the ability to create a custom visual carousel or gallery, with only content based on submissions to that survey. 

Example:    You could have an experience survey called "Vacation Photos", and via the Experience Survey system send an email to customers to request pictures from their most recent vacation with your travel company. 

Once you've collected some visual content, you can then go to the Visual Carousel or Gallery, and select to only pull in content from that survey. Now you have a Vacation Photos element to add into your website. 

Collect experiences with on-site submission

The beauty of the experience survey system is its flexibility when it comes to collecting content. You can collect experiences via Email, Direct Link, or in this case also via on-site submission. 

To get started, you will need to do the following: 

  • Click into your Visual Carousel or Gallery

  • Click the tab called "Experiences"

  • Enter in the collector's name of the experience survey (only 1 can be selected)

  • Customize the button text, for example, "Share Your Experience" 

  • Click "Save & Generate Code" 

You will see a button added to the top left, center, or right, depending on your settings. When customers click this link they are taken to your experience survey flow to begin submitting great new content. 

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