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Experience Surveys - Question Types
Experience Surveys - Question Types

Learn about the different type questions that can be added to your surveys and their use cases.

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An experience survey allows you to better capture customer experiences, and display those responses on your website or keep for internal use. This guide outlines all of the available question types that can be added to a survey and their use cases.

Question Types

There are 13 available question types that can be added to an Experience Surveys.


  • The description text is often displayed prior to starting the survey and can be used to welcome the user and give a brief description of the survey.

  • Add an incentive such as a coupon or reward points offer in the description.

Star Rating

  • Allow customers to provide a 1 to 5 star rating of their experience with a product or service.

Visual Upload

  • Ask customers to share a photo or video when filling out your survey.

  • Collect photo/video content of customers experiences with your products or services to display on your site.

  • Ask for video testimonials.

  • Run a photo contest to boost your collection of user generated content.

Single Choice

  • Allow the customer to select 1 answer from multiple choices.

  • Use to ask customers to opt into a newsletter.

  • Ask customers which product or service they are reviewing .

  • Ask customers how they heard about you.

Multiple Choice

  • Allow the customer to pick multiple answers to your question.

  • Ask customers what other products they are interested in.

  • Ask customers how they heard about you.

  • Gather more information on how your customer is using your product.

Question Group

  • Allow customers to answer multiple questions on one page.

  • All questions in the Question Group must be completed in order to complete the survey.

  • For more information on creating a question group see our guide here.

Free Text

  • Allow customers to respond freely to your question in a comment box.

  • Ask customers to tell you about their experience with your product or service.

  • Ask customers what other products they would like to see you carry.


  • Allow the customer to select an answer based on your scale range.

  • Gather information from your customer such as the fit of a product.

  • Ask your customer to rate the satisfaction of a purchase.

Net Promoter Score

  • Net Promoter Score® is a proven metric utilized by businesses to ask the customer a simple question in order to better understand their overall experience with your company.

  • A Net Promoter Score® survey is one in which the customer is asked 1 question "How likely are you to recommend {company} to a friend?". The customer is then asked to select a number 1 to 10.

Map Location

  • Allow the customer to share the location of their experience.

  • Ask customers where they are enjoying your product or services from.

Customer Information

  • Gather customer information with customizable fields.

  • Collect customer's email address in order to reward loyalty points.

  • Answers can remain private or be required by selecting the options next to each question.

Product Select

  • Allow the customer to select the product they are writing their experience on.

  • Add product tags to your surveys based on their answers.

Consent Question

  • The Customer has to select an answer from multiple consent Questions.

  • This question uses conditional logic that will opt a user out of a survey with an answer of "no".

  • Use to comply with COPPA .

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