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Send Experience Surveys by Product
Send Experience Surveys by Product

Collect more content from customers by sending them unique Experience Surveys for a specific product.

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Create unique review request experiences for your customers that collect more and higher quality content. Ask product-specific questions that you can leverage in your sales and marketing as well as influence your decision-making for product improvements.

Before you get started, you'll need to audit your Product listing and tag products. This guide will walk through tagging products.

  1. Create an Experience Survey by clicking Experience Surveys from the left sidebar and selecting Collectors

  2. Click Add Collector to create a new collector

  3. Name your collector and add a title then click Create Collector

  4. Add the questions you'd like to ask customers who purchase the specific product under the Questions tab

  5. Click the Emails tab to control which product the survey is sent to

  6. Select the Product Tag for the product under Product Tags and click Add

  7. Click Update Collector at the bottom of the page

The Experience Survey will only be sent to customers who purchased a product tagged with the selected Product Tag.

Watch a short video setting up an Experience Survey for a specific product below.

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