Creating an Experience Survey

Learn how to create or edit an experience survey

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This guide will walk you through the process of creating an Experience Survey. Each survey you create will have a unique "collector" link which can be sent to your customers through the RaveCapture email system, through your own email campaigns, or used to collect submissions directly from your site. Let's get started!

Step 1 - Create a Survey

  • From within your RaveCapture account, go to your Campaigns page and select the "Get Started" button to start building your survey.

Step 2 - General Settings

  • Content - start by naming your survey by completing the Collector Title field. Next, enter a custom nickname (otherwise a randomly generated code will be added). The Collector URL will be assigned.

  • Exit URL- If you would like the user to be directed to a custom page upon completion of the survey instead of being sent to your standard completion page, enter a URL in the exit URL field.

  • Appearance - customize the appearance of your description and completion page. Once you have selected your background design, font, text, button, and brand colors, select the green button Create Collector. Now you are ready to add your survey questions.

Step 3 - Adding Questions to your Survey

  • Select the type of question you want to add to your survey and click Add Question.

  • Complete the question detail fields and save. Fields marked by a red asterisk are required. Question Options - you will find available options such as requiring an answer or marking a question private for each question type at the bottom of each question page

  • Once you have added all of your survey questions, you can move on to your email settings.

Step 4 - Configure Email Settings

  • From within the email tab, start by selecting your Trigger. You can find more information on triggers in this guide.

  • If you want to target a specific product for your survey, you can add a product tag tag next. More information on product-specific campaigns can be found here.

  • Lastly, customize your email content, design, and settings. Be sure to click the green Update Collector button when completed.

Have a question about the Experience Survey system?

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