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Experience Survey - Design Customizations
Experience Survey - Design Customizations

Customize surveys to match your brand

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This guide outlines design customization options for your Experience Surveys including the appearance of your survey's description, questions, completion page, and emails.

Start by first creating your survey from Experience Surveys>Collectors>Add Collector. You can find more information on creating an Experience Survey here.

Cover Background Design

  • From the Appearance Tab on the General Settings page, select your Cover Background Design.

  • There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Light background

  2. Background Color

  3. Image Background

  • Next choose your font, text, button, and brand colors.

Customize the appearance of all Question Pages

  • The same customization options are available for your questions as you configured for your cover design.

  • Be sure to click the green "Update Collector" button to save your changes.

Question Text Customizations

  • All text boxes take html coding.

Completion Page

  • Display a thank you message to users for completing the survey.

  • Customize the design using your company logo or upload a custom header image.

  • A confetti background is the default setting. This is an optional display. When the "hide confetti image" box is enabled, it will not display.

Email Customizations

If you will be sending your survey via the RaveCapture email system, you will want to be sure and configure your email settings and design options. If your survey will be used as a link or sent outside of our email system, you can skip this step. More information on Survey Triggers can be found here.

  • Email templates can be customized with HTML code and images. More information on adding a visual banner to your email body can be found here.

  • Configure your email subject line, body, tags, and button text.

  • Select your layout font and alignment.

  • Select how the email should be displayed for your customers by selecting colors for your button background and text color.

  • Lastly, configure your "from" email settings.

  • From Name, Reply Email, and From Email (if using a Custom Sender Domain).

  • You can find more information on the Custom Sender Domain here.

Have a question about customizing your Experience Surveys? Please contact our support team via the Live Chat icon on the bottom right or via email at

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