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Reporting reviews to RaveCapture
Reporting reviews to RaveCapture

Learn how to handle inappropriate content

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Sometimes you may run across a review that you believe should be reported to RaveCapture. To handle this, we have a reporting feature on your moderation page to combat inappropriate content. 

Reporting Reviews

Within your moderation areas:

For Company Reviews, go to Company Reviews > Review Moderation > Unpublished Tab
For Product Reviews, go to Product Reviews > Review Moderation > Unpublished Tab

There is a button called "Report" within the Company Review Moderation when you click that an overlay will appear asking you for the flag reason. Select the one that you believe best suits the report, enter your comments into the free text field, and click Submit. 

To report a product review, within the Product Review Moderation, select the actions button>flag and select the reason that best suits the report.

Reporting Guidelines

RaveCapture is very strict in what qualifies as grounds for review flagging. If you report a review, our compliance and moderation team will manually review it.

Reviews will only be hidden under the following extreme circumstances:

  • Profanity, racism, or any type of inappropriate content language

  • Irrelevancy. If the review content makes absolutely no sense (gibberish, unreadable text), or the review appears to mistake you for a different company.

  • Different language. If the review is in a language different from what your company supports. For example, if a store that online ships to the U.S. receives a review in Chinese, it will not be relevant or useful to review readers.

Reviews featuring any of these attributes are not useful to review readers, and if deemed extreme enough will be grounds for review deletion

Have a question or need support reporting a review? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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