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Freshdesk Follow-Up Integration
Freshdesk Follow-Up Integration

Send Review Requests to your customers after resolving their tickets

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What happens after integrating Freshdesk to your RaveCapture account?

  • You can generate Company Review Requests in RaveCapture to capture reviews from the customers whom you engage with in your Freshdesk platform.

Why is this important?

  • Following up with your customers to make sure they have received a high level of customer service is a good practice.

  • You can get valuable customer feedback on how to improve your customer service offering.

How do you integrate Freshdesk and RaveCapture?

We'll walk you through the steps! Follow our step-by-step text directions below.

Within your Freshdesk account:

Click through the Admin Icon on your left menu and select Workflows from the sub-left menu, then select Automations from the workflows table.

Now you are ready to create your RaveCapture Integration!

  • Navigate to to the tab for “Ticket Updates”

  • Click “New Rule” to create a RaveCapture workflow

  • Apply the workflow settings:

    • The Rule name is internal only, we recommend calling it RaveCapture

  • The action details can be configured to your needs using any unique variables you have set up in your FreshDesk account.

    Follow our standardized example below, or customize the actions to your liking and skip ahead to the webhook creation, step 4 below.

    A standardized example to follow is:

    1. When an action performed by = Agent

    2. Involves any of these steps = Status is changed from Any Status to Resolved

    3. No ticket properties are needed but feel free to customize

    4. Perform these Actions = Trigger Webhook

    5. Request Type = POST

    6. URL - You will need to configure the URL for your account:

      1. After "API Key =" in the URL, add your account's API Key which can be copied from your TrustSpot Account Settings Page

    7. Encoding = JSON

    8. Content = Advanced

    9. Add this payload to the “Write custom API request” section:

      "customer_name": "{{}}",
      "purchase_date": "{{ticket.status_changed_on}}",
      "customer_email": "{{}}"
    10. Save your new Workflow Automation

You're Done!

Now any time you have a ticket match the Action and Variables you applied through this workflow setup, a Company Review Request will be generated in TrustSpot.

The settings and content you've applied in Company Review Automatic Email Settings will apply to the requests generated by your Freshdesk Integration.

Please note: if the customer has already submitted a Company Review against the same email address, a duplicate request will not be created.

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