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Volusion Installation

Learn how to add RaveCapture to your Volusion Store.

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This article will help you install RaveCapture on your Volusion-based store.

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to jump on Live Chat and one of our team members will provide guidance in getting the code installed. You can also email us at

This article is broken down into several areas:

  • Disable your existing review system

  • Connect RaveCapture to your store

  • Add the Reviews Widget

  • Add the Inline Stars

  • Export your current Volusion Reviews & Import them into RaveCapture

Step 1: Disable your existing review system

Click the Inventory Menu > Products

From the All Products page select All Product Settings from the drop-down on the far right. 

Deselect the Enable Customer Reviews checkbox, then click Save.

Step 2: Connect RaveCapture to your store

This step goes over configuring the integration settings within your RaveCapture account to pull orders from your Volusion store. From your RaveCapture account, go to:

  • Click Site Integrations

  • Click Volusion

You will now be asked to fill in 3 fields:

  • Volusion Domain Name 

  • Volusion API Key

  • Order Status Trigger  (New or Shipped)

The Volusion Domain Name is your store's website link, for example:

The Volusion API Key can be found by doing the following from the Volusion account:

  • Click Inventory

  • Click Volusion API

  • Click the "Run" button under Generic for the Generic Orders

  • Click Run again at the top right

  • You will now be shown your Volusion API Key URL

For RaveCapture we just need the portion called:  

The "####" represents a very long password string. You will need to copy the entire Encrypted Password and paste it into the settings area. 

Note:  Ensure the  " &EDI_Name=Generic\Orders. " section is not attached when you're pasting the link into your settings. 

Click Save

Step 3: Add the Review Widget

This adds the review widget to your product page to show off all of your review, photo, and Q&A content. From the Volusion backend, go to: 

Click Design > Themes

Within the Active Template tab, click on Edit HTML to open the code area

You will now need to copy & paste 2 blocks of code that will need to be directly above the </head>. 

Code Block #1 

  • From your RaveCapture Account, click on Product Reviews > Product Widgets

  • Copy the Code under "Step 1: Core RaveCapture Library"

  • Paste this code 1st directly above the </head>

Code Block #2

  • Copy the below code and paste it directly below Code Block #1

<script>document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",function(t){if("/ProductDetails.asp"==location.pathname||-1!=location.pathname.indexOf("-p/")||-1!=location.pathname.indexOf("_p/")){var e=jQuery('meta[property="og:title"]').attr("content"),r=jQuery(".product_code").text()?jQuery(".product_code").text():jQuery('input[name="ProductCode"]').val(),a=location.href,i=jQuery("#product_photo").attr("src"),u=jQuery.trim(jQuery("#ProductDetail_ProductDetails_div").text()),o=document.createElement("div");o.setAttribute("class","trustspot trustspot-main-widget"),o.setAttribute("data-product-sku",r),o.setAttribute("data-name",e),o.setAttribute("data-url",a),o.setAttribute("data-image-url",i),o.setAttribute("data-description",u),jQuery("#vCSS_mainform").after(o);var d=document.getElementById("trustspot-inline-placeholder");if(null!=d){var n=document.createElement("div");n.setAttribute("class","trustspot-inline-simple"),n.setAttribute("data-product-sku",r),n.setAttribute("data-name",e),n.setAttribute("data-url",a),n.setAttribute("data-image-url",i),n.setAttribute("data-description",u),d.insertBefore(n,d.firstChild)}};$(".v-product__details").each(function(){var t=$(this).find("a").last().attr("href");if(d=$(this).find("#trustspot-inline-placeholder"),null!=d){var e=document.createElement("div");e.setAttribute("class","trustspot-inline-category"),e.setAttribute("data-product-sku",t.substr(t.indexOf("ProductCode=")+12)),$(this).find("#trustspot-inline-placeholder").append(e)}}),trustspot_init();});</script>


Click Save

Step 4: Add the Inline Stars

The last step of the process adds the inline stars to the top of your product page, near the price. You can of course place them anywhere you like, but this is the recommended area. 

Click Design > Site Content

From the Article Group dropdown select PageText

From the Category drop-down select Global

Now scroll down the page until you see section 335 called Our Price. Paste the following code before the text Our Price. 

<div id="trustspot-inline-placeholder"></div>  

Note: The Our Price section # might vary by template.

The implementation process is now complete. RaveCapture will start to pull your orders as they come in based on your Order Status setting that was configured within RaveCapture.

If you have any reviews currently with the Volusion Native Review system, we can import those into RaveCapture. Please follow Step 5 below to do this. 

Step 5: Export your Existing Reviews & Import into RaveCapture

Exporting your current reviews from Volusion is easy, the following steps will walk you through how to do it. 

a. Export Reviews

  • Within your Volusion account click on "Inventory" at the top, then click on "Import/Export". 

  • Click on "Standard Export"

  • Select "Export from Reviews"

  • Click "Check All" 

  • Select "CSV" as the file format

  • Click "Export" to download the file to your computer

b. Export Products

We also recommend exporting your products, to ensure we have the latest information available to display reviews on your pages. Note: This is a 1 time export.

  • From the same export screen, click on "Export from Products"

  • Ensure the following fields are selected: 

  1. Product Code

  2. Product Name

  • Next, from the "Vritual Columns" box , ensure these additional fields are selected: 

3. ProductURL
4. Photo URL

  • Select "CSV" as the file format

  • Click "Export" to download the file to your computer

Once you have both files, simply send those to your support team at OR on our Live Chat on the bottom right. 

Have a question or need support on this integration? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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