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Credit Balance History
Credit Balance History

Learn more about how RaveCapture calculates email credits so you can stay in the know of how many credits you need.

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The Credit History table was created to provide visibility on how email and SMS credits are consumed within the RaveCapture platform.

It shows a running balance of credit consumption starting from July 2021 and can be found under Account Settings > Credit History.

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Credit Consumption

Every sent email or SMS message, whether initiated automatically or manually, consumes a credit from your account.

Updated Credit Display

We have now updated our credit display for a more transparent user experience. Your account now displays three essential data points:

  • Available Email Credits - This shows the total number of emails you can send within the current month.

  • Pending Emails - This counter displays the number of emails scheduled for future delivery. These emails are in a 'waiting state' until the send delay expires and do not consume your available credits.

  • Delayed Emails - This count will increase if the send delay expires while there are no available email credits. These emails will be marked as delayed and will only be sent once more credits become available.

Credit Management - Credit History

Emails and SMS messages that are scheduled for a later time, such as reminders, are placed in a 'pending state' and do not consume your currently available credits. This approach keeps your pending and available credits separate, thereby freeing up credits that can be used within the current monthly period. However, both of these are reflected in your Credit Balance column.

Monitoring Credit Changes

You can monitor any changes to your credit balance within our provided table. The Credit Change, Available Balance, Pending Count, and total Credit Balance columns track these changes. The related events, along with their dates and times, are listed under the Event and Date and Time columns.

By updating our credit display and maintaining clear records, we ensure that you always have an accurate understanding of your credit usage and balance.

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