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Email Review Request Credits
Email Review Request Credits

Learn the differences of our email credits

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RaveCapture provides different ways to ask your customers to write a review for your business. These ways depend on the type of customer as well, since we allow you to collect reviews from: 

  • New Customers

  • Past Customers

Review Requests

The term "Review Request" is for any email sent from our system to new customers. 

Once RaveCapture is connected to your store or website, it automatically emails your customers after a customizable delay, asking them to leave a review for you. Each request consumes a review request credit which replenish monthly and vary from plan to plan. The higher the plan, the more review requests per month.

If you run out of credits, your pending requests will remain in the queue until your monthly email credits renew. You can manually replenish your email credits at any time from within your account by clicking on your company name at the top right and going to the Credits tab. Click the Email Credits tab to select a bucket of email credits to replenish your account.

Direct Invite & Bulk Invite

Invite past customers to write a review using our Bulk Invite Customers feature.

On the Bulk Invite Customers page, you'll see the number of email credits you have available. 

Have a question or need support on our email system? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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