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Responding to Customers
Responding to Customers

Learn how to interact with your customer after the review

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Review responses are a great way to thank customers for good reviews, or to reach out to potentially disgruntled customers and resolve any issues they may have had. Either way, your company will come off as incredibly professional and good-willed.

To learn more about handling negative reviews, read our guide here

Responding to Reviews

Within the Moderation areas of RaveCapture, we have the ability for you to easily respond to a customer with a personalized message. This is different than the Thank You email we have that allows you to send an automated message to all customers after leaving a review. 

For Company Reviews, go to:   Company Reviews > Moderation
For Product Reviews, go to:  Product Reviews > Moderation

For Experience Surveys, go to: Experience Surveys>Moderation

Within each area, and below the review will be a button that says "Respond". When you click this button, it allows you to write a Public or Private message to the customer. Public responses will show both on your Profile Page and your Website (depending on what Trust Element is on your site). 

Note:  When you respond to a customer they also receive an email from you with your response. Within the email, there is a link that the customer can click to update their entire review + star rating. This gives you a great way to redeem a possibly bad situation with a customer. 

Have a question or need support responding to a review? 

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