Exit Survey Setup

Learn how to collect reviews on the post-checkout page

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This article will help you set up RaveCapture on your website via the Exit Survey feature.

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to jump on Live Chat and one of our team members will provide guidance in getting the code installed. You can also email us at: support@ravecapture.com


The exit survey is a great option to help you collect company reviews immediately after the customer completes an order in your store. The exit survey is a good alternative when BCC Email or an Extension plugin is not available for your site.

TrustSpot offers 2 different types of Exit Surveys:

  • Delayed Request:  The customer can enter in their email address, and will receive a review request from you X days later (based on your email settings send delay).

  • Instant Review:  The customer can immediately enter their review, which is perfect for gathering lots of qualified company reviews after checkout.

Content Customization

When you first open up the Exit Survey page, you'll have the ability to change the Title and subheader text within the Exit Survey overlay. We recommend keeping the text length minimal. 

To get started, log in to your RaveCapture dashboard and go to: 

Settings>Site Integrations > Company Reviews>Exit Survey

Example of a Delayed Request Exit Survey


Example of an Instant Review Exit Survey

Adding the Exit Survey to your website

Once you've customized your exit survey, you simply need to Copy the "Exit Survey Code" at the bottom and paste that on your Thank you / Order Success page. 

Once a customer visits this page, it will display the exit survey. 

Most eCommerce platforms will give you the ability to edit the HTML source code for a page, in which case you just need to add this code at the top below <HEAD>.

Have a question or need support on this integration? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or support@ravecapture.com.

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