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Importing Reviews into RaveCapture
Importing Reviews into RaveCapture

Import in your Company and Product Reviews

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It can be tough sometimes transitioning to new systems, which is why RaveCapture offers the ability to easily import your existing company or product reviews that way you don't miss out on anything.

This guide will walk you through the process of importing both your company and product reviews.

How to Import Company Reviews

If you already have reviews on your website or on an external site (such as Google, Facebook, or any other reputable reviews website), our team can import everything for you. To import reviews, go to Company Reviews>Campaigns>Import Existing Reviews.

  • Download the sample template to view the required information and file format

  • Select the review source field from the drop-down menu

  • Upload the CSV file and you are all set!

  • Our support team will send you a confirmation email once the reviews have been uploaded to your account.

How to Import Product Reviews

Product Reviews require a bit more information then the company reviews portion. A CSV file can be uploaded by going to Product Reviews>Settings>Import Existing Reviews. A sample template with required and optional information can be downloaded from here.

Your Product Reviews import CSV sheet needs to contain the following pieces of information: 

  • Display Name: customer name

  • Review Content: text portion of the review

  • Review Score: star rating 1-5

  • Review Date: format as YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2021-01-01)

  • Product SKU/ID (depends on your eCommerce cart.) For Example, in Shopify & BigCommerce the product ID is required. For WooCommerce, the Post ID is required. Please check with support if you need verification of what is needed from your site. 

  • Product Title: product name, cannot contain commas

  • Published State: select true for importing reviews into your "published" tab in review moderation, selecting false will import reviews into your "unpublished" tab.

We can also import any review responses or user-generated images. In that case, your CSV file should contain a few additional columns:

  • Response Text

  • Response Date

  • User Images

Importing Reviews from External Sources

If you're looking to import reviews from external sources like Amazon, eBay, The Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and Bass Pro, RaveCapture has you covered. Here are details you need to know before importing these reviews:

  1. Attribution Logo: To comply with the terms of service, reviews imported from external sources will have an attributed logo indicating the source of the original review.

  2. Amazon and eBay Reviews: When importing reviews from Amazon or eBay, you'll be required to provide the link to the product page for each individual review.

  3. Review Verification: Our support team will review all imported reviews for accuracy upon importing.

To import product reviews from these external sources, follow the same process as outlined in the "How to Import Product Reviews" section above. Make sure to include the necessary information for each review, such as the Display Name, Review Content, Review Score, Review Date, Product SKU/ID, and Product Title.

In addition, provide the required links for Amazon and eBay reviews and ensure that the Published State is set accordingly.

Once you have uploaded the CSV file, our support team will send a confirmation email once the reviews have been uploaded to your account. They will also verify the reviews for accuracy, ensuring a seamless integration of external reviews into your RaveCapture account.

Have a question or need support with the importing process? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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