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Zapier Integration

Connect over 1,500 apps to RaveCapture in a few seconds

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Our Zapier Integration makes it easier than ever to connect your favorite apps & platforms directly into RaveCapture in only a few clicks. 

New to Zapier? Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect apps together to perform custom actions, such as sending your customer data someplace, or extracting data and placing it someplace else. Learn more about Zapier here.

Below are a few examples of how Zapier can help, and how to get started. 

How Zapier can help your business 

Since Zapier has a free account, it's a great way to check out the system and set up creative and unique actions between your favorite apps. 

Here are a few helpful examples: 

  • Connect RaveCapture & Mailchimp, to update your customer contacts with review information, so you can create custom emails to follow up based on the star rating. 

  • Connect RaveCapture & Zendesk, to indicate which customers are interacting the most with your platform, and what issues they may have by pulling in your reviews. This way, when you interact with them, all of the relevant information is available to you in 1 place.

  • Connect RaveCapture & your CRM, to trigger new Company or Product Review Requests, based on data in your existing system. 

Using Zapier with TrustSpot

When creating these connections, you will be asked to input your Private Key with RaveCapture. You can find this key by going to: 

  • Settings>Site Integration

  • Integrations > Zapier 

There are 2 types of actions in Zapier: 

  1. Triggers - A trigger is something that happens in RaveCapture, and sends data to another platform. Example:  Customer uploads a Video with their review on RaveCapture, so Zapier sends that data to your ESP (Mailchimp).

  2. Actions - These are triggers that happen on your platform, and are sending data To RaveCapture. Example:   New customer order comes into your CRM, so you set a trigger to create a new Product Review Request in RaveCapture. 

  1. The following Trigger data events can be used in Zapier: 

  • Submitted Company Review

  • Uploaded Company Photo

  • Uploaded Company Video

  • Submitted Product Review

  • Uploaded Product Photo

  • Uploaded Product Video

  • Asked Product Question

  • Answered Product Question

    2. The following Actions can be used in Zapier:

  • Create a Product Review Request

  • Create a Company Review Request

**Please note that our app is currently private. To access it, please reach out to our support team for an invite.

Have a question about this integration? Please contact our support team via the Live Chat or

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