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Lootly Loyalty & Rewards Overview
Lootly Loyalty & Rewards Overview

Learn what Lootly is all about and how it can help your brand grow

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Lootly is an incentive marketing platform helping eCommerce brands grow their revenue & customer happiness through a Loyalty & Rewards program.

While other platforms are plagued by limitations and lack of features, Lootly was built to be an easy-to-use solution for any business size. Lootly was officially announced on April 1, 2019. You can learn more about Lootly from here

Loyalty Programs

Lootly focuses on 3 main areas to help your business grow: 

  1. Points & Rewards 

  2. Referrals

  3. VIP Tiers

You can mix the type of programs you would like to enable or disable over time. For example, you can have a Points & Rewards Program & a VIP Tier Program. However we recommend having all 3 enabled to maximize the value of Lootly's platform. 

Ways to Earn Points

Customers can complete a variety of actions on your store to earn points. These points can in turn be redeemed for rewards to use on their next order, such as $ off or Free Shipping. 

Today, Lootly supports the following ways to earn points: 

  • Make a Purchase

  • Create an Account

  • Celebrate a Birthday

  • Goal Spend (spend X, get Y points)

  • Goal Orders (make X orders, get Y points)

  • Facebook Like

  • Facebook Share

  • Twitter Follow

  • Twitter Share

  • Instagram Follow

  • Read Content

  • RaveCapture Review (award points for writing a Product or Company review)


To view the dozens of Lootly integrations, please click here.

Request a Demo to learn more

To learn more about everything Lootly can offer your business, we recommend requesting a demo by clicking here

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