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How-to Guide [Product Reviews]: Display rich snippets on your product pages
How-to Guide [Product Reviews]: Display rich snippets on your product pages

Learn how rich snippets work and how they look in search results

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What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are a powerful feature that can help you to display gold stars under your website URLs in Google organic search results. This guide will walk you through how to get Rich Snippets to display on your site and some FAQs at the end. 

RaveCapture uses the latest Google guidelines for Rich Snippets by utilizing JSON-LD for reviews markup. You can read more about this guideline by Google here.

How do Rich Snippets affect my product pages?

When customers search for your products in Google, we want to do our best to help them want to click on your pages. Rich Snippets adds tiny gold stars beneath your product URLs, along with that product's rating and the total number of reviews. This allows prospective customers to see how well the product is rated prior to clicking on it. 

Example of a Product URL (with Rich Snippets)

Example of a Product URL (without Rich Snippets)

How to Implement Rich Snippets on Your Site

The Product Review Widget, that sits on your product pages automatically has Rich Snippets embedded into the code. You simply need to add the Review Widget code to your website and you're all done. 

You can control whether or not your website uses our rich snippets by going to: 

  • Product Reviews > Review Display Widget

  • Click Product Widget, then scroll down to the "Rich Snippets" checkbox.

Common Questions

1. How long does it take for Rich Snippets to show on my product pages?

Typically we see Google starting to show the gold stars after 6-8 weeks, although that will heavily depend on when they re-crawl your site. It may take several re-crawls for the stars to show, however, this is dependent on Google. 

We also recommend ensuring only the RaveCapture product reviews rich snippet code is on your product pages. Many times store templates will include pre-built rich snippet code, that will conflict with ours. If you have questions about this, please contact our support team. 

2. Do I need to have a minimum amount of reviews before they will show?

Google does not specify a minimum amount of reviews, however we've seen faster results when the product has at least 5 reviews. 

3. What parameters does RaveCapture's schema support? 

The Rich Snippets schema for Product Reviews, specifically the Product Review Widget, supports the following types:

• Product Schema - Name, URL, Image, Description
• Offer Schema - Price, Currency
• Rating Schema - Overall rating value, Review Count

The majority of this data will live within your Product Reviews > Products area. We aggregate the rating values and push them in real time to your website. 

4. How do I remove duplicate rich snippet code? 

It's important to remember that RaveCapture automatically embeds Rich Snippets into its Product Review Widget. This means you can disable your existing rich snippet tool to prevent any dupes or overlaps. Google typically has an issue with a site showing dupe-rich snippets, so when you install RaveCapture, just be sure to disable/remove your existing Rich Snippet code and keep it as a backup. 

To remove or disable your existing Rich Snippet code will depend on your platform & your implementation. Usually, if you're using an app or 3rd party service, you can simply disable it to stop it from showing. For custom sites, you would need to remove the code indicating the Product Schema rich snippet. 

Doing this will ensure Google correctly sees and reads the rich snippet provided by RaveCapture, to show the stars in organic search results. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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